Game of Thrones Dead Pool: Who’s most likely to die on “Dragonstone?”

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Photo Credit: HBO

3. Ellaria Sand 35%

As season 6 came to a close, Ellaria Sand threw her support, and that of Dorne, behind Daenerys Targaryen. Alongside long time enemy House Tyrell, Dorne should prove to be a formidable opponent for House Lannister. Unfortunately, that may not mean Ellaria Sand survives the conflict.

We aren’t entirely certain, but Ellaria appears to be ruling Dorne at the moment, and that makes her a prime target for House Lannister. Surveying the situation, Cersei might come to believe that cutting off the head of the snake is the fastest way to eliminate one of her enemies. Ellaria seems to be the only uniting voice among the much younger Sand Snakes, and thus a strike removing her could plunge Dorne into chaos, effectively removing them from the war to come.

Of course, that requires a good deal of foresight on the part of Cersei. The Dornish have also proven to be a stubborn enemy in the past, one that even Daenerys’ fore bearer Aegon Targaryen was unable to conquer. Her death would be quite the shock, but it would also mark the second time a surprise death in Dorne kicked off a season. We’re on the fence, and Ellaria is on the hot seat.