5 WTF Moments from Game of Thrones 7×01 “Dragonstone”

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Helen Sloan/HBO

Game of Thrones is back with “Dragonstone” and we are breaking down the 5 WTF moments from tonight’s big premiere. 

Wow Game of Thrones fans, it looks like HBO has outdone itself with one of the best first episodes to date with “Dragonstone”. From Ayra taking her revenge to Jon Snow and Cersei Lannister plotting their next moves and Dany finally arriving at Westeros, we are breaking down the top 5 WTF moments from tonight’s episode (which started as soon as opening edits rolled).

1.  Ayra Kills Every Frey

Maisie Williams as Arya Stark – Photo: Helen Sloan/HBO

The first scene of season 7 started with a slaughter of Freys, and it was very satisfying. Ever since the gruesome Red Wedding in season 3, the Freys have become easily the most hated house in Westeros. After Ayra successfully slit the throat of Walder Frey, the ancient head of the house who never seemed like he was going to just die, we wonder what was going to happen next for the Freys and Ayra.

Well, we didn’t expect a total slaughter. In the first scene, we see an alive Walder Frey, only it isn’t Walder, but Ayra wearing the dead man’s face, and she is holding a feast for the other members of Housse Frey (there seemed to be at least 50 of them). What happens next is pure writing genius – Ayra congratulates the Freys on the Red Wedding, on murdering an innocent mother and her child, on slitting the throat of a mother of five children and one by one the Freys start to drop like flies after they drink the poisoned wine.

Interestingly enough, Ayra spares Walder’s wife and the servants. Not sure if that was a very smart move, but it will all depend on if Walder’s wife tells anyone that the person who poisoned the rest of her household was Ayra Stark.