‘Preacher’ Season 2, Episode 4 recap: ‘Viktor’

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Joseph Gilgun as Cassidy, Dominic Cooper as Jesse Custer – Preacher _ Season 2, Episode 3 – Photo Credit: Skip Bolen/AMC

When it comes to Jesse and his search for God, this episode sees Jesse heading to the home that Cassidy has secured for the three to stay at. When he finds Cassidy, he tells him that he was attacked by men in white suits who were part of some secret religious society (The Grail).

Cassidy doesn’t seem to care (although he does mention a secret society of lizard people in human skin) but he keeps throwing out hints about Tulip. Jesse doesn’t pay attention because (a) he figures she disappeared because she is mad at him, (b) he thinks she can take care of herself and (c) he is preoccupied with finding God.

It is Cassidy who gets the first clue. While watching television, he sees an infomercial about Hurricane Katrina and the homeless people left behind. That is when he sees an actor in the commercial (hosted by Frankie Muniz) who is the same man that impersonated God for Heaven in the first season finale. Cassidy and Jesse learn his name and who represents him. They head to the agent Teddy Gunth’s office and demand to know where the actor, Mark Harelik is.

The two learn that he got a job playing God but then he disappeared. Luckily, Teddy got a copy of his audition tape and gives it to Jesse and Cassidy to watch. While back at Dennis’ house, they pop in the tape and see Mark auditioning out for the role of God. He gets the role and says he understands what it means and then the person behind the camera shoots and kills him.

See, he had to die to go to Heaven in order to portray God to fool Jesse. It appears that the angels in Heaven have no problem killing people in order to achieve their goals.

By this time, Cassidy has lost it and tells Jesse that he has been trying to hint all day that Tulip is in trouble.

This leads to a great scene where Jesse heads to Viktor’s house and uses his voice to freeze all the foot soldiers. The torturer is too smart for that and puts on headphones with music playing and then the two have a huge bloody fight that Jesse has to win by actually beating, and killing, the man. Jesse then finds Viktor and Tulip upstairs and starts to beat the hell out of Viktor until Tulip begs him to stop because …

Viktor is her husband.