‘Preacher’ Season 2, Episode 4 recap: ‘Viktor’

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Noah Taylor as Adolf Hitler, Ian Colletti as Eugene – Preacher _ Season 2, Episode 4 – Photo Credit: Skip Bolen/AMC

The third storyline that took place this week saw Eugene in Hell. Remember back to last week when Eugene was reliving his worst moment over and over until something broke down and the video stopped in his cell. That was when he met Adolf Hitler, who was in the cell next to him. That wasn’t just a one-off appearance either as it appears that Hitler has become a character – and one that could cause a big controversy for Preacher.

See, there are a lot of bad people in Eugene’s cell block, including what looks like an old gypsy woman and a caveman as well as a sociopath who immediately starts to bully people. When the nightmare cameras come back on, Eugene is locked out of his cell and Hitler invites him into his cell. This is where things get controversial because Hitler is the nicest person in Hell at this point and is very kind to Eugene. He stood up to the bully for Eugene and in his cell, Eugene sees that Hitler’s nightmare in Hell is having a nice dinner with a young woman. However, before Hitler’s nightmare can continue, the power goes out again and Eugene returns to his cell.

Soon, the cell block warden has Eugene brought to her office where she and her official guard (former WWE superstar Brodus Clay) inform Eugene that he is too nice. They show him The Pit, which makes nightmare look pale in comparison, and then tell him he will end up there if he doesn’t stop acting so polite and nice. “This is hell. Act accordingly.”

Eugene does that when he is in the holding cell after the meeting. Once again Hitler stands up to the young sociopath and this is when things get weird. It is Hitler who is trying to help Eugene and be nice. Eugene asked Hitler earlier if he was still a bad person but Hitler never answered. At this point, the sociopath attacks Hitler and then everyone starts kicking Hitler as he is down. Eugene steps up and tells them to stop. However, he realizes he is being watched by cameras and starts to kick Hitler as well so he doesn’t end up in the pit.

It is very strange to see Preacher show Hitler as the only sympathetic character in Hell other than Eugene. There has to be a twist coming down the line.

Next week on Preacher.

The fourth episode of Preacher ended with The Saint of Killers walking down the interstate and heading to New Orleans. See, Jesse used Genesis a lot as he was trying to find Tulip and that is a honing beacon for the Saint of Killers. Next week, Jesse deals with Tulip’s news that Viktor is her husband and the Saint of Killers shows up with murder in his eyes.

Next week, Jesse deals with Tulip’s news that Viktor is her husband and the Saint of Killers shows up with murder in his eyes.