‘Preacher’ Season 2, Episode 5 recap: ‘Dallas’

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Dominic Cooper as Jesse Custer, Ruth Negga as Tulip O’Hare, Paul Ben Victor as Viktor – Preacher _ Season 2, Episode 4 – Photo Credit: Skip Bolen/AMC

There is one last flashback here. This one shows Viktor and Tulip, married and happy. Viktor wasn’t lying. He was nice to her and the two seemed very happy together. He tells her he loves her and clearly means it and she looks happy although she doesn’t return the “love you” back to him. The two are playing Monopoly and it seems strange to see him acting like a normal person and not a criminal. He is asked to check in on something and leaves her in the room alone.

That is when Tulip gets a phone call. It is Dany, and when Tulip says she is happy and finished with doing jobs, Dany tells her that she found Carlos. When Viktor returns to the room, Tulip is gone and has taken everything with her. While Viktor has no idea why Tulip left him, it turns out that it was to find and kill Carlos.

The next thing that we see is Jesse returning to Denis’ home. Tulip asks what he did and Jesse says that he “took him down.” Jesse gets a beer and Tulip tells Viktor’s daughter to go back to the living room. Cassidy looks content when he hears it but then Jesse explains that he “took him down” from the meat hook and did not kill him. However, he did get the divorce papers signed. Tulip embraces Jesse and they kiss as Cassidy walks out of the room, dejected again.

Things did not end well for Viktor. Back at his house, his daughter comes to his room and Viktor has a gun out of fear the “crazy preacher” will return. However, he agrees to read to his daughter before bed. That is when gunfire erupts in his house.

Because Jesse used Genesis so much, The Saint of Killers found his way there. He killed all Viktor’s foot soldiers and then burst into Viktor’s room. He asks where the Preacher is but Viktor doesn’t say and the Saint of Killers murders him in his chair. He then finds Viktor’s young daughter hiding in the closet and raises his gun to her. That is when she says she knows where the Preacher is.

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I have to admit that this episode set up a huge story arc for Cassidy and anyone who has read the comics knows what that means. The fact that Cassidy lied to Jesse and showed that his love for Tulip might be stronger than his loyalty to Jesse speaks volumes.

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Next week, the three of them will have to work well together because the Saint of Killers is coming and they have to find out everything they can about the man in order to try to stop him.