5 burning questions from the Game of Thrones SDCC trailer

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3. What’s got Arya so spooked?

In the weekly Game of Thrones preview, for episode 702, “Stormborn,” we saw a wolf snarling at Arya, in the snow-covered woods of the Riverlands. The last time Arya encountered a wolf in the Riverlands, she was on her way to King’s Landing with her father Ned, sister Sansa, and her direwolf — Nymeria.

Obviously, our first inclination is to guess outright that Arya and Nymeria will cross paths, while she is in the Riverlands. The question remains: Will Nymeria recognize her former companion, or will she simply snarl and growl, no longer trusting humans?

As it stands, Jon’s direwolf — Ghost — is the only known remaining Stark direwolf alive. But, if this truly is Nymeria (and her pack of wolves), then it could put a whole new spin on the story of Arya Stark exacting revenge on those who wronged her family.

There would have to be some major hurdles for Arya to clear, in order to reunite with Nymeria, because the direwolf has been on her own for so long, she’s gone feral. However, what better weapon against an undead army and the Night King, than an army of wolves?