5 burning questions from the Game of Thrones SDCC trailer

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4. Is Jon going to have to squash a revolt at Winterfell?

When Jon Snow learns there is a dragon queen occupying Dragonstone once again, he will be forced to go and meet her. Why, you ask? Well, Jon needs the Dragonstone mines so he can farm the ever important dragonglass for his fight against the Night King.

We see Jon tell the lords and ladies assembled in the great hall of Winterfell, that Daenerys has dragons who breathe flame and that could be very useful against the Night King and his army. However, not everyone is pleased with the King in the North’s decision to meet with Dany.

Bronze Yohn Royce, from the Vale, raises his voice in consternation. His dissent is likely to be joined by that of Lord Glover, a man who has questioned Jon’s decisions often since he became the King in the North.

It is highly likely the Jon will show no mercy to the Lords of the North (even though Yohn Royce is from the Vale) should some of them band together to try and overthrow him for his decision to treat with a Targaryen. After last week’s episode, is there any question how Jon feels about dealing with treasonous traitors?