Game of Thrones Dead Pool: Who’s most likely to die on “Stormborn?”

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John Bradley as Samwell Tarly and Jim Broadbent as Archmaester Ebrose – Photo: Helen Sloan/HBO

Liam Cunningham

Game of Thrones returned last week, but no one except a bunch of Freys perished. Will that change in this week’s episode, “Stormborn?”

Whoever had “all of House Frey” in the Dead Pool last week won themselves a pretty penny. In one of the show’s rare cold opens, Arya Stark wiped out all the male members of House Frey in one fell swoop. The rest of “Dragonstone” was rather tame when it came to death, but will “Stormborn” follow that trend? Or will we get the mayhem the Dead Pool needs? Let’s consider the situation.

Daenerys has now arrived in Westeros, setting up shop on the titular Dragonstone. Having had time to settle in, we believe this week will Dany and crew will kick off her invasion of Westeros in grand fashion. And that means death. Hopefully lots of death.

Euron Greyjoy has also joined the fray, promising Cersei a new shiny present. Since we don’t think Euron meant jewelry, the new King in the Iron Islands is likely sailing for Dragonstone, with his eye on collecting a head or two. Granted, second episodes of the season don’t usually have a heavy body count, but death isn’t rare in those episodes either. Just ask Joffrey.

So let’s take a look at the five most likely to die in this week’s episode, “Stormborn.”

(If we are correct, potential spoilers follow.)