Game of Thrones Dead Pool: Who’s most likely to die on “Stormborn?”

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4. Petyr “Littlefinger” Baelish 30%

Littlefinger is still hanging out in Winterfell after coming to Sansa’s aid at the Battle of the Bastards, doing his best to twist and turn everything to his advantage. And while in seasons past Littlefinger might appear to always be one step ahead of the situation, his tricks appear to be losing their luster.

Last week we saw Littlefinger attempt to pour even more sweet nothings in Sansa’s ear, but for one of the first times, Sansa was having none of it. Whether it was a momentary thing, or it signaled Sansa’s attitude going forward remained to be seen. Either way though, Littlefinger appears to be wearing out his welcome.

If more Starks begin to arrive in Winterfell, such as Bran, or heaven forbid Arya, Sansa will have even more voices in her ear against Littlefinger. Should Bran reveal Littlefinger’s treachery against Ned Stark back in season 1, things could go really bad for Littlefinger really fast. And while the Vale might nominally serve Littlefinger at the moment, we doubt someone like Yohn Royce would lift a finger to help Baelish should Sansa order his execution. For Littlefinger’s sake, we hope he has an escape plan.