5 WTF moments from Game of Thrones 7×02 ‘Stormborn’

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Iain Glen as Jorah Mormont – Photo: Helen Sloan/HBO

2. Sam Continues Doing Stomach-Turning Things at the Citadel

Another episode, another scene of utter unpleasantness at the Citadel. This week Sam, yet again, goes behind that back of his new mentor Archmaester Ebrose to save Jorah Mormont from his greyscale infliction.

And it’s not a pretty sight, the Game of Thrones prop designers and make-up artist must have had a great time concocting whatever that white ooze under Jorah’s afflicted skin was as Sam slowly removed the scales and then managed to turn it into someone’s bowl of soup they were enjoying at an Inn in the next scene.

They really are doing a great job of blending something totally gross with food this season. First, it was human feces and soup and it’s Jorah’s ooze and (more) soup, out biggest question (besides whether or not the painful procedure will work) is what the showrunner have up their sleeve for next week’s episode that will make us lose our breakfast?

3. The Return of Hot Pie

Ben Hawkey as Hot Pie and Maisie Williams as Ayra Stark – Photo: Helen Sloan, HBO

It really has been too long since we’ve seen Hot Pie grace our screens in a Game of Thrones episode. It’s actually quite nice to see such an innocent character led a simple life and follow his dreams of becoming a baker.

If anyone is going to survive, Game of Thrones it’s probably going to be Hot Pie. He is a survivor after all.

Besides the cameo, this scene actually ended up being pretty important because, if you think about it, Hot Pie just shifted the tides of the war. If he hadn’t told Ayra that her brother, Jon Snow, was crowned the King of the North and that the Starks took back Winterfell, Ayra would probably have not turned around and continued her quest to make it to King’s Landing and kill Cersei.

And even though seeing Ayra kill Cersei would be pretty great, seeing another Stark family reunion would be better.