Heroes and Zeros from Game of Thrones 702, “Stormborn”


There were many heroes from Game of Thrones episode 702, “Stormborn,” and there are also many zeros. Here are the best and worst.

Game of Thrones season 7 continued its roller coaster thrill ride with episode 702, “Stormborn,” and as always, there were a few characters that stood out — whether good or bad…or just plain awful — that deserve recognition.

Hero — Varys

Not many people can say they stood up to the Dragon Queen, Daenerys Targaryen, and lived to tell the tale, but that’s just what Varys did in episode 702, “Stormborn.” Dany knows he spied on her when she was in Essos, at the behest of the Usurper Robert Baratheon, and that it was Varys who hired the assassins to kill her. And yet, it was Varys’ speech about serving the people, rather than the monarch, that won Daenerys over.

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Zero — Ellaria Sand

Not only did Ellaria once again show her complete lack of understanding when it comes to politics, by gleefully admitting to Tyrion that her murder of innocent Myrcella was justified because she was a Lannister, but her clunky porn dialogue with Yara Greyjoy ruined a perfectly good scene. Can we just hurry up and have Cersei kill her, finally ending the Dorne storyline once and for all?

Hero — Samwell Tarly

When you’re a bottom of the rung student at a school for Maesters, being run by a bunch of arrogant old men stubbornly set in their ways, it’s hard to get ahead, especially when you’re trying to find a weapon against the White Walkers. Well, Samwell Tarly is doing just that: He’s making his way. Despite horrible montages that turn the stomach, Sam found dragonglass last episode and then learned a cure for Jorah Mormont’s greyscale in this episode. Sam is the hero we need.

Zero — Tyrion and Dany’s plan of attack

Look, we get it. Daenerys doesn’t want to be the Queen of Ashes. And, if she unleashes three full grown dragons on King’s Landing, then that’s exactly what she’ll be. But, sending the Dornish and Ironborn around to Dorne in order to have them march on King’s Landing, all without providing some sort of air support along the way, seems like a flawed plan. Euron Greyjoy was lurking in the mists, just waiting for Yara’s fleet to leave the safety of Dragonstone, and when they did, he smashed them to bits. Take some advice from Lady Olenna, Dany, and “Be the dragon.”

Hero — Euron Greyjoy

I know, I know. How can I choose a madman like Euron Greyjoy, who just captured his own niece, as a hero? Well, it’s because he followed through with what he told Cersei. He captured Ellaria and Tyene Sand as gifts for Cersei, and his own niece Yara for whatever devious plans he has in store for her (hopefully nothing too bad, we really like Yara). Euron personally killed two Sand Snakes — an accomplishment we all thank him for — and he did it like the insane pirate he has become.

Zeroes — Sand Scrubs: Obara and Nymeria

If you’re like me, you breathed a sigh of relief when Euron Greyjoy skewered one Sand Scrub on her own spear and choked the other one out with her own whip. Nymeria Sand tried to use a bullwhip on Euron Greyjoy, and she looked like a little kid pretending to be Indiana Jones. Obara Sand tried a pretty spear twirl before thrusting it toward Euron, and that got her killed. Both Sand Scrubs died as they lived: Overly confident in their abilities, and talking like idiots. “Mamma, mamma, mamma!”

Hero — Maisie Williams as Arya Stark

Without a doubt, Arya was the MVP of episode 2, “Stormborn,” and that is because actress Maisie Williams absolutely killed it in the scene with Nymeria, he long-lost direwolf. While it was certainly an amazing thing to see Nymeria after all this time, it was the emotions shown on Maisie Williams’ face that brought it home. It has been a pleasure watching Maisie Williams grow and evolve as an actor, over the past seven seasons.

Honorable Mention — Hot Pie

The Hot Pie that was Promised finally returned to Game of Thrones, as Arya decided to grab a quick bite to eat at the Inn at the Crossroads where Hot Pie has been working for a long while now. It was Hot Pie who told Brienne and Pod about Arya traveling the Riverlands, and he comes through once again in “Stormborn” to tell Arya that the Starks hold Winterfell because her favorite brother Jon Snow killed Ramsay Bolton in the Battle of the Bastards. Plus, he told Arya she’s pretty and that “friends don’t pay,” so he’s a hero in our book.

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