25 Best Superhero Television Shows Of All Time

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In the golden age of superhero television, it’s hard to decide which shows are the best.

Marvel and DC Comics have established their own universes on the small screen but how do they match up? Check out the list below with our top twenty-five picks for best superhero shows to watch.

25. Powers (PlayStation Network)

The first scripted series on the PlayStation Network was stumbled to pick up an audience as well as translate its source material to the small screen. Powers originated as a gritty crime comic created by comic genius, Brian Michael Bendis, about two homicide detectives in a world populated by heroes called “powers”. The show shifts the location from Chicago to Los Angeles where former power, Christian Walker (Sharlto Copley) now heads up the “Powers Division” which deals with superhero related crimes.

His partner, Deena Pilgrim (Susan Hayward), is a brash rookie looking to prove herself within the unit especially because of her father was a beloved detective. While neither resembles their comic book counterparts, the two aren’t the biggest casting change by a long shot. In fact, Retrogirl (Michelle Forbes), is a deceased but adored teenage crime-fighter in the original comics but is now a middle-aged heroine who once dated Detective Walker. It’s a jarring change that confused many readers but nonetheless, Forbes brought a lot to a role that never expanded past death.

Of course, Powers problems ran deeper than just the characters. The actors on the show lacked the chemistry that a team needed and the location change displayed the show’s inability to go as dark as the comics. Looking back at the series now, Powers had so much potential to become another gritty Netflix adaptation if it had premiered only a few years after the success of the streaming website’s shows. With a small budget and an inability to tell compelling stories, Powers was canceled after only two seasons in 2016.