25 Best Superhero Television Shows Of All Time

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15. The Flash (CBS) 

After the CW brought The Flash back to screens a couple of years ago, the original series began to get more attention. John Wesley Shipp was once suiting up as Barry Allen himself rather than his father and became the scarlet speedster.

Only one season, this version of The Flash is a much campier look at the superhero rather than one grounded in reality. Barry is still a forensic scientist but now his friends are coworkers Tina McGee (Amanda Pays) and Julio Mendez (Alex Desert) who help him learn about his powers. Just from reading the cast, it’s clear that The Flash didn’t have much of an interest in sticking to its comic book counterparts regarding characters.

However, the show did introduce ridiculous costumes to the genre on-screen allowing shows in the future to adapt suits closer to the source material. For example, Mark Hamill’s very campy Trickste wears an eccentric outfit along with a ridiculous hair style that would initially be too wacky for television but is embraced here. Despite a small budget, The Flash managed to introduce a large amount of characters from the superhero’s Rogue’s gallery allowing them to flesh out the world with a deep roster of villains.

Fans of The CW reboot will undoubtedly love to see where the show drew its inspiration from with this older rendition. Back in a time before great fight choreography and special effects, The Flash spends most of its time building the characters up and embracing its quirkiness.