25 Best Superhero Television Shows Of All Time

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13. Misfits (E4) 

Freeform might be trying to adapt this edgy superhero drama, Misfits, but nothing will beat this E4 original. Not a show suitable for children, Misfits took a different interpretation of what kids would do with super powers rather than become heroes. The series follows a group of juvenile delinquents that accidentally kill their probation officer after getting powers from a freak storm that happens in their city.

Misfits finds inventive ways to show typical super powers with each teenager getting an ability which showcases their greatest vulnerability. Quiet Simon (Iwan Rheon as an adorable sympathetic nerd before Game of Thrones) is able to turn invisible when no one is watching due to everyone typical ignoring him anyway. Party girl, Alisha (Antonia Thomas) thinks people only like her because she’s pretty and is no longer able to be touched without sending someone into an aggressive sexual frenzy which terrifies her. Famed former athlete, Curtis (Nathan Stewart-Jarrett), is able to transport himself back in time to fix mistakes due to his wish that he had never bought the drugs which destroyed his track career.

Street smart, Kelly (Lauren Socha) always thinks someone is talking about her behind her back so the storm gave her the ability to always hear what everyone else is thinking. Finally sarcastic and prankster, Nathan (Robert Sheehan) is terrified of dying without accomplishing anything and by the end of season one he discovers that he is immortal. While Misfits seems like a ridiculous premise, it’s actually a touching story about insecurities while being laugh-out-loud hilarious.

Not a very well-known show, Misfits is an incredibly underrated show. Like Heroes, it probably should have ended after season two when the show lost a majority of its original cast members.

Despite its dark humor (the killing of probation workers is continuing joke), the show is able to juggle a lot of different themes without ever losing sight of its original premise. Also, it features one of the most touching but tragic love stories of all times that is sure to win over even the most cynical.