25 Best Superhero Television Shows Of All Time

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12. Gotham (FOX) 

When Gotham was first announced at FOX, almost everyone wondered why a show about a universe without Batman was necessary. The first season struggled to define itself, with Jim Gordon (Ben McKenzie) just entering law enforcement in Gotham City.

 Learning the intricacies of Gotham’s underground takes time and a lot of time is wasted setting up villains for later seasons that the show drags on a bit. Luckily, by season two it comes into its own with many over-the-top villains who seem to be having the best time. David Mazouz proves himself as a capable Batman with a budding romance with Camren Bicondova’s Catwoman as the two try to cope with their own upbringings.

Robin Lord Taylor is a standout out as the Penguin, a thug who quickly begins to descend into madness as his feelings for the Riddler (Cory Michael Smith) aren’t reciprocated. Comic book purists will not be a huge fan of Gotham for the way it butchers the backstories for a lot of characters as well as the fact that Jim Gordon is the one fighting these criminals, not Batman. However, it’s unabashedly unique and offers up an expansive roster of DC Comics characters who many people crave to see on screen.

Considering Gotham exists in its own universe (not part of the DC Cinematic Universe or the Arrowverse), it is even able to tell stories that many writers would never dream of.

Even if you’re not a fan of Gotham, it’s worth checking out Cameron Monaghan’s version of the Joker, which is easily one of the best to appear on-screen. That alone bumps Gotham up quite a few places on this list.