25 Best Superhero Television Shows Of All Time

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22. Lucifer (FOX)  

With a title like Lucifer, one would expect this FOX show to be about villainy. However, this crime procedural is actually about a bored version of the devil who becomes a consultant to the LAPD. Tom Ellis plays the titular character with glee, ramping up the campiness as he attempts to hone in his evil side. The first season is a bit of a drag, due to the scattered story-telling and the show’s attempts to successfully build up its world.

However, season two is an incredibly joyous time through a ridiculous premise that pays off loyal viewers with better stories. Lauren German plays the female lead, Chloe Decker, who gets partnered up with Lucifer during their police investigations.

There are many characters on Lucifer but Ellis and German have a remarkable amount of chemistry that will hook viewers almost immediately. The unlikely allies bring out the best in each other with Decker’s rebellious side coming out while Lucifer slowly finds himself becoming a better person. Whether it’s as friends or love interests (there are plenty of debates), Lucifer makes great use of its series leads despite some uneven plot lines.

Will this campy adaptation win over every viewer? Definitely not, but Lucifer makes it on this list as a reminder of what good superhero shows used to be. The earliest series was the most outrageous, low-budget shows on cable but nowadays most shows take themselves incredibly seriously. If you can, check out Lucifer just for fun because the two season show is a fun binge over a long weekend.