25 Best Superhero Television Shows Of All Time

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21. Iron Fist (Netflix) 

Kudos to anyone who made it through Iron Fist without cringing through a majority of it. Where exactly did Netflix go wrong with adapting this iconic comic? Perhaps the first problem was the controversy surrounding the casting of Finn Jones before the show even aired, as well as the lofty expectations set because of the success of the previous three series.

However show runner, Scott Buck, didn’t seem to have a good grasp of the titular character, therefore the entire show suffered for it. Iron Fist revolves around a young orphan, Danny Rand (Finn Jones), who is presumed dead after the plane carrying his entire family crashes. However, Danny spent his childhood training K’un-Lun, a mystical place that is defended by the immortal “Iron Fist”. Once he is old enough, Danny abandons his job in order to return to New York City so he can reclaim his fortune and business from childhood friends, the Meachums (Tom Pelphrey and Jessica Stroup).

When he realizes that his former friends aren’t willing to give him back his family’s business, Danny discovers deep roots of corruption that his new friend, Colleen Wing (Jessica Henwick) helps him face. One of the biggest problems Iron Fist faces is Jones’ who’s boyishness makes any scenes involving anger or Buddhist teaching seem ridiculous. Henwick easily outshines the titular hero so much so that many people wished she would become the focus of the series in season two.

Why is Iron Fist ranked so low? It doesn’t offer up much in the genre as a superhero show. Rushed to release before The Defenders, Iron Fist has mediocre fight scenes despite having the character who is supposedly a kung-fu master. It’s on Netflix so the Claire Temple and Colleen Wing storylines shine while the show is also beautifully shot but overall, Iron Fist is easily the weak link of the four heroes.