25 Best Superhero Television Shows Of All Time

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17. Batman (ABC)  

Easily the most contentious ranking decision made, Adam West’s iconic Batman series falling in at number seventeen. Despite being listed as one of the best television shows of all time, Batman doesn’t make it into the top ten superhero series list.

Unlike a lot of other series that embrace their campy side but still maintain a minutia of realism, Batman stood firmly on the side of comedy. The simplistic white and black morality paired with the basic life lessons like drinking milk or using seat belts makes the show a bit too childish to move further up the list. Adam West stars as the titular hero with Burt Ward playing Dick Grayson/Robin, his orphaned ward.

Their ridiculous costumes and banter led many people to believe that the two had a sexual relationship, with Ward himself remarking on the massive amount of innuendos which the series embraced. Yvonne Craig played Barbara Gordon or Batgirl, the third member of “The Terrific Trio” that Batman referred to their group as. Her father, Commissioner Gordon (Neil Hamilton) owns a Bat-Phone which gives him immediate access to the “Dynamic Duo” or the “Terrific Trio” in case of crime.

Whether Batman is your kind of show, there’s no denying its place in history. Considered iconic, Adam West and Burt Ward were immediately type cast due to the success of the three season show. After one hundred and twenty episodes, it has earned a place in the heart of pop culture getting referenced in multiple television shows and movies.