25 books that need to be adapted for TV right now

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11. The Stand

A lot of Stephen King’s works have started to make their way to television. Recently, 11/22/63 was a hit on Hulu and The Mist is currently airing on Spike TV. As mentioned earlier, there is even an attempt to bring The Dark Tower to television to tie into the upcoming movie.

Now, if there is any novel of Stephen King that deserves an adaptation for TV, that would be The Stand.

It seems that people today don’t mind watching apocalyptic television shows and there might not be a better example that King’s masterpiece about a world decimated by a disease called Captain Trips

Of course, there was already a miniseries made based on this novel starring TV stars like Rob Lowe and Gary Sinise but that had the stigma of airing on network television in the ‘90s and it was neutered beyond belief.

With that said, today’s world of premium television networks opens up a new chance to do The Stand right.

On a network like AMC or Starz, or even something as grand as an HBO series, the world-ending battle between the survivors of Captain Trips and the villains gathering around the evil Randall Flagg could finally find an adaptation worth the magnificent story that Stephen King created over 40 years ago.