25 books that need to be adapted for TV right now

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14. The Prey series

Once again, this has been turned into two made-for-TV movies but there is so much more that can be done if turned into a television series.

The Prey series is a long-running mystery novel series by John Sandford and centers on a Minneapolis police detective named Lucas Davenport. The two movies released were Mind Prey (1999) starring ER actor Eriq LaSalle and Certain Prey (2011) starring Mark Harmon.

There have been an amazing 27 books in the Prey series, the first being Rules of Prey in 1989 and the most recent being Golden Prey, released in 2017. Through that series, there are a lot of stories to mine ideas from and a ton of options for a great running story for an adaptation for TV.

While the idea to make it a network series is always there with the procedural aspects making it a rich property, there are even better ideas to come if it hits a premium network.

A great example is the Amazon Prime series Bosch, based on Michael Connelly’s Harry Bosch character. The first season of that show takes ideas from three different books. The second season followed suit and the third was based on two books.

With shows based on serial killers and detectives trying to stop them so popular right now (True Detective, The Killing), this could be a perfect time to give Lucas Davenport his own television series.