25 books that need to be adapted for TV right now

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16. Peter Clines Ex- series

It seems two of the most popular genres on television today concerns superheroes and zombies. The Walking Dead, iZombie and Z Nation prove people still love zombies. Add in series like Flash, Arrow, Supergirl, and all the Netflix Marvel series, and it is clear that superheroes are in no danger of falling out of style anytime soon.

So, what happens when you mix superheroes and zombie together in one story? You get Peter Clines’ Ex– series of books.

Peter Clines is a former Hollywood prop master who worked on movies like Beastmaster III and TV shows like Veronica Mars and who now works as an author of speculative fiction. One of his most successful series is the Ex- series, with the term “ex” referring to “ex-living humans”, i.e. zombies.

Superheroes also exist in this world and the surviving heroes in Los Angeles have taken it upon themselves to protect the remaining living humans by setting up a living situation in an old Hollywood lot.

There have been four novels in the series with the heroes (who are pretty unique and different than comic book characters you might recognize) battling outside forces – both alive and dead – while also trying to keep control of the living people within the walls, some of which don’t appreciate the hero’s protection. This is a perfect series to come to a network like SyFy or Starz.

This is a perfect series to come to a network like SyFy or Starz.