25 books that need to be adapted for TV right now

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19. Mistborn

Brandon Sanderson is one of the top names in fantasy novel writing today and he has a lot of books that could make for great television or movie adaptations. Arguably, the top Sanderson series that could work on television is his Mistborn series. The first series was a trilogy that consisted of three books starting with The Final Empire. After that, there have been three more books in the Wax & Wayne series, continuing the story.

The story is epic fantasy, with the tale taking place in a world called Scadrial and a region known as the Final Empire. What makes Mistborn stand out from other fantasy novels is the fact that Sanderson has completely created his own idea of how magic works and it remains unique and helps the series stand out from others. The story then deals with the two classes of people – the poor who almost live as slaves and the nobility who rule over them.

The one thing that has to be taken into account before bringing Mistborn to television is to ensure that the platform is willing to allow the tale to go dark and Sanderson even allows his best heroes to have flaws. HBO is one of the only landing points for a show based on Mistborn but if that were to happen, the network could possibly keep a hold on the Game of Thrones crowd once that show ends.