25 books that need to be adapted for TV right now

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2. 100 Bullets

100 Bullets is a Brian Azzarello comic book series that lasted for 100 issues and has a theme that was tailor-made for an adaptation for TV. A series with a pulp Noir feel, 100 Bullets features a mysterious organization that sends a man named Agent Graves to offer a briefcase to a person. The person has been the victim of something that hurt them, some who know about it and some that never learned that they were betrayed or hurt to cause their misfortune.

The briefcase contains a gun and 100 bullets – all untraceable – as well as information and proof on what the person who hurt them really did to cause their misfortune. Agent Graves then gives each person the choice.

They can use the information in any way they choose and the gun can be used to kill the person that hurt them – with no chance of arrest or conviction – if that is what each individual person chooses to do.

It is, at its center, a morality tale and the entire idea of the self-contained stories makes this perfect for television. Of course, many of those who accept the briefcase kills the person that wronged them, so that is likely one of the reasons that 100 Bullets has never made its way to network television despite it being optioned in the past.

The property is currently in the hands of Warner Bros. and there is a rumored movie in the works for Tom Hardy but this is something that needs to be a television show.

While 100 Bullets has a perfect concept for a television show it also contains an overarching story of the mysterious organization and betrayals and intrigue that could carry it for a number of seasons. Something like AMC or Showtime or even Hulu or Amazon Prime could be a perfect landing spot for the adaptation.