25 books that need to be adapted for TV right now

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22. Red Rising

There looks to be a movie in development based on the Pierce Brown novel Red Rising but this science fiction story could be a great adaptation for TV for any number of premium networks, including SyFy, Spike-TV, FX, or even Starz.

The original novel takes place in the future when man has colonized other planets but humanity has regressed to a color-based society where the Golds rule over all and the Reds are a working class who struggles.

The book takes place on Mars, and as the title suggests, it is the Red Class that starts an uprising to try to overcome the oppression under which they live. This is then taken through a very interesting story where the hero of the tale, Darrow, is sent undercover as a Gold to try to bring the system down from within.

Red Rising was followed by Golden Son in 2015 and Morning Star in 2016, where twists and turns and betrayals reigned supreme.

These books were written in such a manner that it was clear that Brown is a fan of serialized television and these could be easily adapted to the small screen. There is a new sequel trilogy coming in 2018, so there should be plenty of stories for a network like HBO, Showtime, or SyFy to mine ideas from.