25 books that need to be adapted for TV right now

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3. The Dark Tower

Stephen King’s Dark Tower is coming to movie theaters in August. While there have been rumors that it will also get an adaptation for TV that will connect movies in the series, there has not been one greenlit and there is no network connected with the property as of yet. Of course, Dark Tower is the quest of a Gunslinger named Roland who is chasing the mysterious Man in Black as he searches for the Dark Tower.

The television shows, as explained by producer Akiva Goldsman, are supposed to connect to the movies in a manner that will teach the viewers more but not necessarily be needed for those who just want to watch the movies.

According to Goldsman, the first season of the TV show will be about Roland’s childhood and how he became the last Gunslinger. With that said, there are a lot of ideas for how a possible TV show can connect to the Dark Tower films.

When it comes to the Dark Tower, there might not be a better landing spot for a television show than HBO.

This could be very similar to Game of Thrones if the television show remains based on Roland’s past in his alternate world. With Game of Thrones wrapping up next year, Stephen King’s magical quest for the Dark Tower could be a great replacement for the fans of Westeros.