25 books that need to be adapted for TV right now

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6. The Dresden Files

The Dresden Files is one of the only ones on this list to actually have an adaptation for TV that failed in the past, making it least likely to get another chance. That is a shame. Jim Butcher created a fantastic character in Chicago wizard Harry Dresden (the only wizard in the phone book) and a world that includes the best of urban fantasy.

The original TV series was on SyFy back in 2007 and never really went to the lengths that the show needed to in order to survive.

Harry Dresden is a wizard who starts the series with members of the White Council (the bosses of all Wizards) wanting him dead while trying to do his best to help people in Chicago survive monster attacks of all kinds.

The characters he is involved with was only barely hinted at in the original TV series. Outside of Det. Karrin Murphy (renamed Connie on the TV show), Bob the Skull, Warden Morgan, and interestingly, Waldo Butters, no other major characters got any time in the first and only season of the show.

The books (of which there are now 15) deals with Harry Dresden and his battles with both the Red Court and Black Court vampires as well as Fae who want him for their own purposes and all other sorts of demons.

There is a White Court vampire named Thomas, a writer named Susan, and a mafia boss named Johnny Marcone that could have really opened up the world in the original series but never made a mark.

SyFy is still the best spot for The Dresden Files but since they already fumbled the ball once, maybe another shot on Starz, Hulu, or even Netflix could bring the good wizard back to the small screen.