25 books that need to be adapted for TV right now

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7. American Vampire

Scott Snyder, who revitalized Batman for DC Comics, also had a comic book series through Vertigo that was amazing and could make a fantastic adaptation for TV as long as it airs on a premium network.

That comic was called American Vampire and has a fan in none other than Stephen King, who actually helped work on a comic book in the series during its original 34 issue run. However, much like Preacher, this needs to air on a network like AMC where the show can delve into what made the comics so special.

American Vampire follows a fantastically realized character named Skinner Sweet, a new breed of vampire living in the American Wild West. He is stronger and faster than other vampires and the sunlight does not hurt him. He also has some unique powers.

This makes him an enemy of humans, vampire hunters, and normal vampires who see him as a threat to their survival. This is because the vampires have infiltrated human society and rule the world through banking and more.

The second main character is Pearl Jones, a young struggling actress than Skinner Sweet meets in the 1920’s Hollywood and saves the life of by giving her his blood, turning her into a new breed of vampire as well.

Later issues start to concentrate more on vampire hunters known as the V.M.S. and the stories of Skinner Sweet, Pearl Jones, and the V.M.S. could make a very interesting television series for AMC, HBO, or Showtime.