25 books that need to be adapted for TV right now

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8. Locke & Key

Much like the aforementioned Dark Tower, there is a Locke & Key adaptation for TV in the works but that is no proof that it will ever see the light of day. See, Joe Hill’s amazing fantasy series was supposed to get a TV show made a few years back and shot a pilot for FOX only to have the network pass on it after seeing the pilot.

Now, a new pilot is being made for the property and this one will go out to Hulu to possibly produce as a full-fledged series.

Joe Hill, the son of Stephen King, created the comic book series Locke & Key about a family whose father is murdered and they all relocate to their own family estate of the Key House.

The three children (high school jock Tyler, high school outsider Kinsey, and young Bode) try to survive as their mother starts to lose herself to alcoholism. That is tougher than expected when a Demon named Dodge starts to manipulate them into a dangerous game.

This series needs to be given free reign and directors who understand how to make the ridiculous and bizarre look amazing.

The house has keys that the kids can use to go to special places and unlock special powers. This could be one of the most unique television series ever made and if it matches up with the book, it could be one of the best fantasy series on television – matching up to the look and feel of American Gods.