25 books that need to be adapted for TV right now

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9. Moon Knight

Moon Knight is what might be the best property for Netflix to move to next as they continue to build their Marvel properties. When it comes to Netflix and Marvel, the premium subscription network is taking on street level characters like Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Iron Fist, and The Punisher.

However, there is a superhero that could help them create one of the most entertaining and unique superhero stories ever told.

Moon Knight is a complicated character. While some see him as the Marvel version of Batman, there is much more to him than that. Moon Knight is Marc Spector, a former CIA operative who found a statue that might or might not be the Moon God Khonshu and that God might or might not have given Marc superpowers with his strength heightened by the moon.

However, there is also the chance that he is insane and that is where the brilliance of this idea for a TV series lies.

Moon Knight and Marc Spector are just two identities that he takes on. He is also cab driver Jake Lockley and millionaire Steven Grant. While he portrays all these characters there are times he is unsure of who he really is as well.

There is also a great opportunity with a Moon Knight TV show as his closest confidant is Frenchie, an openly gay man who helps Moon Knight all along the way. If Netflix wants to build its street level heroes, this is the perfect place to go next.