Game of Thrones Dead Pool: Who’s most likely to die on “The Queen’s Justice”?

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Photo Credit: HBO

 2. Ellaria Sand 75%

Ellaria and her one remaining daughter Tyene were captured last week by Euron Greyjoy, losing two of the other Sand Snakes in the process. Not that anyone will miss Nymeria or Obara, but what does Ellaria’s capture mean for her retirement prospects? Probably nothing good.

Considering that Ellaria orchestrated the death of Myrcella at the conclusion of season 5, Ellaria shouldn’t worry much about the balance of her 401k. Euron will be taking Ellaria straight to Cersei, and Cersei will be eager to exact revenge upon her daughter’s murderer. Could we see the Mountain rip someone else’s head off like that poor Sparrow last season?

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The ONLY reason Ellaria might survive this week’s episode is if Cersei decides death is too easy a punishment for Ellaria. Cersei has gone both ways in this regard, eliminating a whole Sept of her enemies with wildfire, while saving Septa Unella for further torture. Which category Ellaria lands in will determine her continued survival. Though it’s possible Ellaria might not want to continue living. Our guess is, this is the last we see the nominal ruler of Dorne.