Will Arya and Sansa have a happy reunion on Game of Thrones episode 704?


When Game of Thrones episode 704, “The Spoils of War” airs this Sunday night, Arya Stark might return home to Winterfell. Will she and her sister Sansa have a happy reunion?

While many Game of Thrones fans are excitedly awaiting Daenerys Targaryen bringing the full wrath and power of her Dothraki Horde and Drogon down on the Lannister army returning to King’s Landing from its sacking of Highgarden, when episode 704 airs on Sunday night, there are others who are equally as excited to see yet another Stark family reunion.

The preview for episode 704, “The Spoils of War” teased Arya Stark arriving outside the gates of Winterfell, and when she inevitably returns home, will she and her sister Sansa lovingly embrace each other, or will there be strife between them? Here’s the preview:

As you can see, while the episode will be focused heavily on Dany vs the Lannisters, there are some very interesting shots from the North that need to be addressed.

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Here we have Littlefinger looking kind of worried. Could Arya’s return have him unnerved?

Next, we have the unsheathing of Littlefinger’s Valyrian steel dagger, Catspaw.

We’ve seen this dagger in the season 7 premiere when Sam was looking through the old books in the Citadel for a solution to the Night King’s army. We also know Arya will eventually come into possession of this dagger, as Maisie Williams was wearing it in a photo shoot for EW.

Next, an odd shot of Brienne seeming to practice with Pod, as putting the two scenes together makes much more sense.

The money shot is Arya arriving outside the gates of Winterfell…

…and Sansa looking troubled as she governs the North.

So, now we’re left wondering how Sansa and Arya will greet each other. Will it be as long-lost sisters who have learned to miss each other and the value of having living family members? Or, will the two still have a bit of animosity leftover from when they were in King’s Landing together in season 1?

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We’ll find out when Game of Thrones episode 704, “The Spoils of War” airs across all HBO platforms.