‘Preacher’ Season 2, Episode 6 recap: ‘Sokosha’

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Jesse Custer and The Saint of Killers finally face off in Sokosha.

The first season of Preacher saw the origin story of The Saint of Killers, a sad and tragic story of how a man can find redemption and then have it yanked out of his hands by fate. The first half of the second season of Preacher saw The Saint of Killers in the present-day tracing Jesse Custer, with orders to kill him and Sokosha had the huge confrontation between the Preacher and The Saint of Killers. Here is a look at what happened on Preacher Season 2, Episode 6, Sokosha.

The Sellers of Souls

The sixth episode of Preacher, Sokosha, opens with an interesting scene that seemed confusing at first as it had nothing obvious to do with the story so far. An Asian man was trying to convince a couple to sell him something that he would pay them enough for to finally come out from the mountains of debt they found themselves in. When they agreed, the man injected a needle into the man and used a machine to find the exact spot to extract some liquid, for which he paid $150,000.

The show then had the Asian man get into an armored truck, with a wall full of vials, and go to a mansion in New Orleans where he injected one of the vials of liquid into a machine and turned it into a pill. A woman who appeared to be suffering from dementia took the pill and immediately her eyes cleared up and she recognized her husband again. This couple then paid $2.7 million for the injection and then we went back to Jesse Custer and friends.