“Better Call Saul” Uploads Emmy “For Your Consideration” Video And It Is Perfect


The Official Better Call Saul YouTube channel has uploaded their new “For Your Consideration” video, which was clearly made by Saul Goodman productions on a tight budget.

Better Call Saul has wrapped up an amazing third season and FINALLY been renewed for a fourth by AMC, so it’s officially time to start pushing for awards. And there aren’t many dramas out there right now that can compete with the writing and performances of Saul this past season.

The writers and creators of Saul have perfected the slow-burn style of storytelling, and the payoff in season 3 was incredible. Saul is unique from other shows on the 2017 nomination list in its scope. Most of the other shows nominated for Outstanding Drama Series have large lists of characters, spread out across vast spaces and timelines.

Better Call Saul is performance driven, mainly by a core group of actors. And while I fully support Bob Odenkirk and Jonathan Banks’ nominations, I must point out that the omission of Michael McKean, Michael Mando, and Rhea Seehorn is a shame. Especially McKean, who just wrapped up 3 seasons of sympathetic villainy in rare form.

Honestly, I’d be surprised if Saul takes home any awards. Despite 2 seasons of long form near-perfection, the show is Emmy-less. Which, particularly in the case of Banks’ performance in Season 1, episode 5 “Five-O” is pure chicanery.

Emmys or not, Saul is the tightest show on TV. Every episode is crisp, with no wasted moments or scenes. And that’s due in large part to the writing on the show, and the way the showrunners have built up this group of characters in the American Southwest.

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H/T – Variety