Game of Thrones Dead Pool: Who’s most likely to die on “The Spoils of War”?

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4. Yara Greyjoy 40%

After being captured by her uncle Euron, Yara was paraded through the streets of King’s Landing in what amounted to a Roman victory parade. Yara looked broken, both physically and mentally as she was dragged behind Euron on his horse. Luckily for her, Cersei and crew seemed more interested in Ellaria and Tyene Sand to bother with Yara. Now that both are dead (or dying), what does that mean for Yara’s prospects?

After being crowned King of the Iron Islands, Euron famously decreed that Yara and Theon were to be murdered. When given the chance to dispatch Yara though, Euron chose to capture her instead. That could indicate a desire for revenge that goes beyond simply killing Yara, and Euron certainly seems the type to change his mind on a whim. If Euron changed his mind once though, he could change it again, and that could be very bad for Yara.

Making matters worse, Cersei now finds herself without a toy to play with. Yara might not have personally wronged Cersei, but she did assist Daenerys in invading Westeros thus making her an enemy of the crown. Either Euron or Cersei could determine Yara should be executed for her crimes, and there appears to very little anyone could do to stop them.