Game of Thrones Dead Pool: Who’s most likely to die on “The Spoils of War”?

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3. Bronn 50%

This one is simply no fun to write. After making a brief and uncharacteristically silent appearance last week, Bronn looks to be right in the thick things this week. Just look at that picture. Jaime and Bronn aren’t staring at a bunch of naked Septas. They’re staring a full grown, fire breathing dragon unleashing hell like neither of them has ever seen. Or naked Septas.

From everything we know about this week’s episode, Dany appears to have tired of the plans of clever men and seems set to unleash her dragons upon the Lannister troops. Bronn is a cunning warrior, one who seems to always be one step ahead of his opponent, but Bronn has never fought a dragon. Other than setting those slaver ships on fire, we’ve yet to see what Drogon and his brothers are capable of now that they are full grown. Our guess is, the three of them are going to be able to inflict massive amounts of casualties though.

And while we certainly aren’t hoping for Bronn’s death, we have to at least consider that its a possibility. It would be a shame for one of Game of Thrones’ more colorful characters to meet his end, but at least death by dragon is a boss way to go.