Game of Thrones Dead Pool: Who’s most likely to die on “The Spoils of War”?

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2. Randyll (and Dickon) Tarly 60%

House Tarly might have served House Tyrell for centuries, but the overtures of House Lannister proved too strong, and Randyll Tarly chose to betray his long time liege lord. With House Tyrell no more, the Randyll and Dickon appear headed back to King’s Landing alongside Bronn and Jaime. And as we established with Bronn, Dany and her dragons appear to head straight for the Lannister forces.

Unlike a cunning mercenary like Bronn, the Tarlys are motivated by concepts like honor and duty, concepts that could find them in deep trouble when Dany’s dragons attack. Making matters worse for the Tarlys, are their house words “First in Battle.” Being first in battle sounds heroic and all that, but being first in battle against fire breathing dragons sounds like a quick way to find yourself barbecued.

Not that it matters much on Game of Thrones, but based on Randyll’s treatment of his son Samwell, there are also some karmic reasons for Randyll to meet his demise this week. House Tarly breaking faith with House Tyrell hardly adds a point to their karmic score either. Randyll Tarly might be the only man to have ever defeated Robert Baratheon in battle, but that won’t amount to much against Daenerys’ dragons and her horde of Dothraki. We won’t miss Randyll in the least. Dickon seems cool though.