5 WTF Moments: Game of Thrones 7×04 ‘The Spoils of War’

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2. How Arya actually gets Catspaw

Well, this totally didn’t go the way we expected it to. When we first saw Arya with Littlefinger’s Valerian steel dagger Catspaw on the EW covers, we immediately thought that Arya was going to take down Littlefinger at some point while at Winterfell to protect Sansa and take the dagger as a prize.

That’s not what went down at all though, it turns out Littlefinger presented the dagger to Bran as a gift – the dagger that almost killed him and started the whole war. Bran excepts the gift, but later when he’s with Arya at the Godswood tree he gives to Arya because he simply doesn’t want it and feels that a cripple has no use for a dagger like that (being the three eyed raven has made Bran a whole lot simpler these days).

So that is how Arya ends up with Catspaw. Totally a lot more boring than we excepted, but surprising none the less.

3. That Epic Entrance

That battle though. Easily one of the most exciting and nerve wracking 15 minutes of television this year is when Dany, Drogon and her Dothraki army rain down hellfire on Jamie, Bronn and their army bringing the Highgarden gold back to King’s Landing.

Lucky for Cersei, the gold made it. But it doesn’t look like anyone else on the Lannister side is going to be making it home.

The entrance was one of the most exciting parts of the episode, once you heard the Dothraki screams, the panic and terror in the Lannister solders eyes and then Drogon appearing out the clouds, you knew that this battle was going to go down in the history books as one of the most exciting Game of Thrones  battles yet.