5 WTF Moments: Game of Thrones 7×04 ‘The Spoils of War’

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4. Jamie’s Blaze of Glory

After the complete desolation of his army, Jamie had nothing left to lose once he saw the perfect opportunity to take down Dany when she was (pretty hilariously) trying to pull that giant ballista bolt out of Drogon’s side.

That’s the moment that had everyone holding their breaths. Three of our favorite characters: Jamie, Dany and Drogon, going head to head and it didn’t look like Jamie was going to make it out alive. Even Tyrion, who really saw for the first time the damage that dragon fire does, was praying that Jamie wouldn’t make the stupid move.

But, of course, he did. And we got some really epic shots of Jamie riding his horse, which is probably dead now, through the flaming fields.

5. Bronn of the Blackwater, MVP

The MVP of this week’s episode was totally Bronn the Blackwater. Besides having crazy good acrobatic skills jumping through the air to push Jamie out of the dragon fire in the episodes final shot, he actually took down a dragon.

He’s probably one of the first people to do that in a thousand years, but for Bronn, it seems like it was just all in a day’s work.

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We loved that the crux of the battle focused mostly on our favorite knight. From dropping his gold to battling through the fire to getting on the ballista to, ultimately, injuring Drogon enough that he made a crash landing, Bronn was pretty badass in this episode and it made it pretty hard to root for team Dany when Bronn was in firing range.