8 new photos from Game of Thrones episode 705 “Eastwatch” have arrived


 HBO has released eight all-new photos from Game of Thrones episode 705, “Easwatch.”

Game of Thrones episode 704, “The Spoils of War,” was an exciting thrill ride filled with heartwarming reunions and the fiery horror of a dragon destroying everything in its path. What does episode 705, “Eastwatch,” have in store for us?

HBO released eight photos from Sunday night’s all-new episode of Game of Thrones, and they paint quite the picture. We begin with Varys sitting at the map table in Dragonstone. He seems to be listening to someone. Wonder who that could be?

Next, we have Cersei sitting on her bed looking very sad.

I wonder why…

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Moving along, here we have Tyrion and Varys — BFF’s — chilling out, having a goblet of wine. They are, of course, sitting on the steps of the throne room in Dragonstone. After witnessing Lannister soldiers being roasted alive in their own armor, Tyrion might be having second thoughts about being the Hand of the Queen to Daenerys Targaryen. We hope not.

Sam and Gilly sit in their room reading old books from the Citadel. With Jorah Mormont healed of his greyscale, and with Sam finding the information on where Jon could get his hands on a boat load of dragonglass, we wonder how much longer will Sam put up with emptying chamber pots and scrubbing the dishes. (We really want Same and Gilly to go to Winterfell).

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Oh, look! It’s Dany and Jon having a moment together on the cliffs of Dragonstone. Notice how Daenerys is gazing at Jon as he tries to hold his best smoldering look as long as he can.

What’s this? Jon striding toward something or someone, his cloak regally billowing about his shoulders. He’s still holding that smolder. Good for you Jon. Smolder away.

This appears to be Daenerys and Tyrion standing atop a hill as Dany demands the remaining Lannister soldiers “Bend the knee.” She sure is obsessed with that phrase.

Tyrion walks among the battlefield…or what’s left of it. I get why HBO is calling it the “Loot Train Battle,” but I think “Field of Fire 2.0” is way more fitting.

That’s all the photos for today folks!

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