13 Reasons Why adds seven new actors for season 2


There’s been a large mystery surrounding the Netflix hit, 13 Reasons Why, with fans wondering what the sophomore season of the show can possibly be about.

While breakout star, Katherine Langford, has been confirmed to be returning as the deceased Hannah Baker, the series will be adding a lot of new faces for its next run. While the show used up the entire book for its first season, it looks like this upcoming run will focus on the supporting characters more and how Hannah’s death affected students outside of the kids mentioned in her tape.

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First up is the former star of FX’s Tyrant, Anne Winters, who will take over as head cheerleader as the new “it-girl” named Chloe. Considering both Sheri (Ajiona Alexus) and Jessica (Alisha Boe) are on the cheerleading squad, the two of them will probably have a connection to Chloe. It’s unclear whether she will be a friend or foe to the main girls but regardless, she will probably find herself caught up in some serious issues this upcoming season. Of all the newcomers, Winters is probably one of the most qualified, after recurring on ABC’s Wicked City and scoring a series regular role on the unaired Cruel Intentions reboot.

Unlike the relatively well-known Winters, 13 Reasons Why will be Bryce Cass’s first large television role (he also booked the unaired Cruel Intentions reboot). He’ll be playing Cyrus, an edgy mischief-making teen who will fit right in as a trouble-maker in the high school. Despite his rough exterior, Cyrus will stand up for those he feels are under represented, making him quite popular with students who need help.

He’ll be joined by his sister, Mackenzie, who is more of a peaceful free spirit compared to her brother. She’ll be played by Jane the Virgin and American Horror Story vet, Chelsea Alden who will be appearing on another Netflix show, The Ranch, this year. Just because Mackenzie is described as a typical bohemian art student, don’t expect her to roll over at the sight of injustice, like her brother she will be someone who stands up for the downtrodden.

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Like a lot of the characters from 13 Reasons Why, new addition, Nina, will harbor a dark secret. Played by Samantha Logan (Teen Wolf, Melissa & Joey), she’s a track star and that’s about everything known about her thus far. What’s interesting is that Logan is the third actress from the failed Cruel Intentions reboot who was cast in this upcoming season of13 Reasons Why which makes you wonder if any more actors from the NBC show will be announced for the Netflix series.

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The kids aren’t the only new additions for this upcoming season, with three new adult characters joining the show. First is Allison Miller, named Sonya, who will play an ambitious and cutthroat lawyer despite her young age. Considering Hannah’s parents are still planning to take their daughter’s case to trial and Bryce will most likely see the inside of a court room next season, Sonya could shape up to either be a villain or an ally. Miller is most famous for starring in the short-lived SyFy drama, Incorporated which was famously produced by Ben Affleck and Matt Damon.

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To contrast the new lawyer, the infamous Kelli O’Hara will join 13 Reasons Why as a fierce advocate for victims of bullying. Considering the show took a lot of criticism last year for not taking enough steps to address trigger warnings and signs of bullying, her character seems like a step in the right direction. The Tony Award winning actress will be playing, Jackie, who is described as extremely friendly and intelligent making her the perfect woman to fight for those who suffer.

LOS ANGELES, CA – OCTOBER 19: Actor Ben Lawson attends Australians In Film’s 5th Annual Awards Gala at NeueHouse Hollywood on October 19, 2016, in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images for AIF)

Finally, Ben Lawson (Modern Family, Doubt) rounds out the new characters as the beloved baseball coach, Rick. Considering a lot of the male students were basketball players, it’s probably pretty likely they also are on the baseball team and will have quite a few interactions with Rick. With all the tapes about his players on the verge of being leaked, it should be interesting to see how he deals with the consequences of his team’s actions.

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The Selena Gomez produced series isn’t expected to debut its second season until next year so there will probably be more casting updates as production moves along. Nevertheless, it’s compelling to see how many new characters 13 Reasons Why plans to introduce on top of its already large cast.