5 insane predictions for Game of Thrones 705 “Eastwatch”

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2. Gendry will make his triumphant return, thus ending a plethora of amazing memes.

Gendry has been gone from the show since Davos sent him merrily rowing towards King’s Landing in season 3. And since then, we’ve been keeping a faithful watch each season, to see if and when he would return.

Well, now our watch is ended because the Bastard of House Baratheon (and the only living Baratheon on Game of Thrones), should return in episode 705, and help a couple of familiar faces out of a sticky situation.

Thanks to a SPOILERY video from a drone flying over the set of Game of Thrones season 7, while the show was filming in Spain, we think we know that at some point this season Gendry (played by actor Joe Dempsie) will return to the show and help Davos and Tyrion. Now, this could be a ploy by showrunners David Benioff and Dan Weiss to throw leakers off by filming a few fake scenes. So, we aren’t 100% certain that Gendry will return at all.

However, with Daenerys Targaryen attempting to remove Cersei Lannister from the Iron Throne, she needs to win the hearts and minds of the Lords of Westeros. And, what better way could there be by legitimizing Gendry and making him Gendry of the House Baratheon and Lord of House Baratheon’s ancestral home — Storm’s End?

With House Baratheon all but extinct, we don’t even know if Storm’s End is garrisoned. In fact, Stannis Baratheon took every able-bodied man with him to The Wall, and they all died when Ramsay Bolton’s forces defeated them at Winterfell is season 5. So, it might be as simple as walking into the castle, tearing down some faded banners, and dusting off the good china.

Gendry is totally coming back in episode 705, “Eastwatch,” and we can’t wait to see his glorious return.