5 insane predictions for Game of Thrones 705 “Eastwatch”

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3. Sam and Gilly will discover a game changing secret about Jon Snow’s true parentage.

Samwell Tarly is a swell guy. In fact, he’s more than swell, he’s an all-around good dude. Sam has dedicated himself to being trained by the Maesters at the Citadel in Oldtown, and he hasn’t given up despite being made to do some truly disgusting tasks (please, no more montages of poo).

But, all that nonsense hasn’t stopped Sam from trying to discover the secret to defeating the NIght King and his army. And, he even found out that Dragonstone sat on a cave full of dragonglass, the reason for which Jon and Davos traveled there in the first place.

Sam also discovered the cure for advanced greyscale and he healed Jorah Mormont…so, you know, he’s now the only living man able to make that claim.

But what did Sam get for his troubles? More work, sifting through a giant stack of scrolls and loose paper. We think there’s a secret in those scrolls, and we believe they will point Sam to one of those books he was forbidden to read, but he snuck in and took anyway, and that secret will be that Rhaegar Targaryen had his first marriage annulled and married Lyanna Stark, and the two went to that tower (the Tower of Joy) to have their honeymoon, where Lyanna became pregnant with Jon.

If that’s true, Jon is a Targaryen, and we believe his true name will be revealed later, by his brother Bran, who actually witnessed Jon’s birth in the season 6 finale. Get hyped for another Aegon Targaryen!