Game of Thrones Dead Pool: Who’s most likely to die on “Eastwatch”?

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4. Yara Greyjoy 30%

Yara survived last week solely based on the fact that she did not make an appearance, but make no mistake; her situation is dire. Locked in the King’s Landing dungeons, where most end up never leaving, Yara’s prospects of ever ruling the Iron Islands aren’t looking great.

The largest factor working in Yara’s favor is that Queen Cersei has no personal grudge against her. Cersei wastes little time on extracting vengeance on those that have personally wronged her. Yara also benefits from that fact that her Uncle Euron sailed to the opposite side of Westeros to take out Grey Worm’s fleet off the coast of Casterly Rock.

Unfortunately for her, we’ve seen how quickly Euron can sail from one end of the continent to the other. Whenever Euron does return, we’re betting he’s got some rather unfortunate plans for Yara. Unlike Cersei, we’re guessing Euron’s plans are a little more lengthy in nature, and we aren’t sure we want to watch them.

Even more horrifying, is the prospect that Cersei might hand Yara over to Qyburn for some sort of experimentation. Qyburn is always looking for living subjects, though they rarely stay that way. So whether it’s Cersei or Euron, things are looking quite dire for Yara indeed. Especially if Theon is the only one coming to rescue her. That guy folds easily.