Game of Thrones Dead Pool: Who’s most likely to die on “Eastwatch”?

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1. Randyll Tarly 85%

Like his son Dickon, Randyll was present at the start of the Loot Train Attack, but then quickly disappeared. And perhaps even more worrisome for the elder Tarly was how quickly Randyll disappeared. Randyll is a skilled commander, one with a reputation for survival after being the only man to ever defeat Robert Baratheon in battle. Still, no one living in Westeros has ever faced a full grown dragon, and the devastation Drogon wreaked last week could catch anyone off guard.

Considering the Tarly words are “First in Battle,” it’s highly unlikely that Randyll fled the battle. That means Randyll was either killed in the battle or somehow survived. If it’s the latter option, Randyll would easily rank among the most important prisoners Dany could possibly take. If Dany holds to her “join me or die” mantra, Randyll might wish he hadn’t survived the battle.

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Unlike with Dickon, no one is likely to miss Randyll after the way he’s treated his other son, Samwell. Still, death by dragonfire is hardly a death we would wish on anyone. But make no mistake, if Randyll is not dead already, he soon will be. Randyll will not bend the knee to Dany after forsaking House Tyrell to fight against her. Call it old age or call it pride, but Randyll Tarly does not make it out of this episode alive.