Video: Drogon seems to like this guy on Game of Thrones “Eastwatch”


Wait, did that just happen? Drogon sniffs this character and approves on Game of Thrones 705, “Eastwatch.”

On Game of Thrones episode 705, “Eastwatch,” Drogon seemed to take a shine to the King in the North, Jon Snow, but what does Daenerys think of him now that her dragons seem to approve? Jon Snow has ice water running through his veins (what else would be there, he died!), and this scene proves it.

Check it out:

Drogon just gave his very important seal of approval to Jon Snow, who looked the dragon in the eye and didn’t back down. What a badass. He removes his glove and pets Drogon, who, after burning the Tarlys, lowers his head and starts purring like a cat.

Drogon allowed a complete stranger to put his hand on him, and he closed his eyes in the ultimate sign of trust an animal can give. What makes this scene so important is Drogon had to be able to smell the Targaryen blood running through Jon’s veins (and not ice water).

Drogon has been injured by Dany’s enemies before the Battle of the Loot Train, and he has no reason to give Jon his full trust on the spot. Dany has got to be thinking there’s more to this King in the North than meets the eye, but will she ever really find out who he is before it’s too late? And by late, I totally mean before they bang.

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