Watch a brief snippet from Game of Thrones 705 “Eastwatch”


Game of Thrones episode 705, “Eastwatch” airs tonight, and HBO has released a sneak peek at a very intense scene from the episode.

The King in the North, Jon Snow, has spent most of this abbreviated season of Game of Thrones, vacationing at Dragonstone, a location that is definitely not in the North. Jon has been busy while at Dragonstone, enjoying his favorite pastime — spelunking. He also enjoys long walks on the beach with his pal Davos as well as taking Daenerys on a date to the Dragonstone Cave Art Exhibit, where they delighted in the rich history of the native peoples who once inhabited the area.

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The one thing Jon has yet to do is pet a dragon, and he really wants to pet a dragon. Well, in this brief snippet from Game of Thrones episode 705, “Eastwatch,” it looks like he might finally get that chance. Check it out:

We still can’t tell if that’s Drogon who is about to flex on Jon Snow, or if it’s one of Dany’s other dragons. Regardless, Jon deserves much respect for just standing there, his face barely betraying his emotions (which is something that rarely happens in itself).

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As to the identity of the dragon, it’s really hard to tell, as Dany doesn’t look as tiny on its back, as she usually does with Drogon. Of course, it doesn’t matter which dragon it is, if Jon just reaches out and pets its snout, Dany might look at him in a whole new light. Maybe Jon will get a chance to ride the dragon if that’s the case. Oh, what a fun vacation Jon Snow has had, thus far.