David Tennant Set To Return To Jessica Jones Season 2


In the first season of Marvel’s Jessica Jones, David Tennant distinguished himself as one of the greatest villains in the MCU.

Despite meeting his end in the season finale, Tennant’s character, Kilgrave, will be appearing once again in this upcoming season. It’s unclear in exactly what capacity the villain will be utilized in the series’ sophomore run however the most logical use would be through flashbacks. Marvel has refused to provide any further details on David Tennant’s return but nonetheless, it’s an exciting tidbit for fans of Jessica Jones.

While the Netflix series isn’t expected to return until early 2018, the show has been hard at work both filming and casting new villains. Earlier this summer Twilight actress, Leah Gibson, joined the cast in a series regular role that has been presumed to be the origin of the villain Typhoid Mary. In certain adaptations, Mary has a certain level of psionic powers which could be the way the show continues to have Kilgrave plague Jessica’s thoughts. Of course, Jessica Jones has been applauded for its realistic representation of victims of sexual assault and the show will most likely still see its titular heroine struggle with her PTSD.

Photo Credit: Entertainment Weekly/Netflix

They aren’t the only characters that will be making appearances in Jessica’s life with Power actor, J.R. Ramirez, and The White Queen actress, Janet McTeer also cast earlier this year. Ramirez is playing a single but devoted father named Oscar who is wary of the destruction which follows Jessica around while simultaneously trying to encourage his son to keep his distance.

Unfortunately for Oscar, he’s the new superintendent of the building which makes it a little hard for him to avoid running into the super-power private eye. As for McTeer, her character is being kept under wraps but she is said to “have an enormous impact on Jessica’s life”. With all the loose thread involving how Jessica got her powers, it seems like McTeer may be playing someone with a few answers.

As exciting as all this casting news is, Jessica Jones will unfortunately not return until sometime early next year. However, on this series, it seems like no one but Jessica and her sister, Trish (Rachael Walker), are safe which makes the upcoming miniseries, The Defenders, a little worrisome for characters like Malcolm (Eka Darville). Nevertheless.

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Tune in August 18 to catch Jessica teaming up with the rest of New York’s heroes as they try to stop The Hand.