Game of Thrones Dead Pool: Who’s most likely to die on “Beyond the Wall”?

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5. Benjen Stark – 50%

…who is actually an undead zombie fighting other undead zombies with his flaming ball of righteous fury. Right? Okay, so that might be unique to the Stark family, and you might say, “wait, Benjen is already dead, how can you have him in your Dead Pool?” A valid question, but just like on The Princess Bride, you’re not dead on Game of Thrones until you’re really dead. Uncle Benjen returned last season to help Bran and Meera make it back to the Wall and then disappeared to continue fighting the White Walkers.

So why exactly does Benjen appear on our list? Consider that Jon and the suicide squad are on a mission north of the Wall to capture a wight. Also, consider how stupid that sounds. Based on the absurdity of the plan at face value, we’re guessing we might see uncle Benjen this week. After all his time north of the Wall fighting wights, there isn’t anyone more uniquely positioned to provide intelligence to our intrepid group of idiots. Benjen has the experience fighting the wights as well as the knowledge of the terrain. Jon would be wise to seek him out and just might survive with Benjen’s help.

Conversely, when the stuff hits the fan, and it will, Benjen could easily ride to the rescue of Jon and his merry band of morons. Regardless of why Benjen returns, it will be dangerous. An army of wights is hardly what we’d call a recipe for safety. And this time, uncle Benjen might end up really dead, as opposed to mostly dead.