Game of Thrones Dead Pool: Who’s most likely to die on “Beyond the Wall”?

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4. Littlefinger – 60%

Littlefinger has looked doomed since the outset of season 7, and each week his odds have steadily risen. This past week though, Littlefinger’s actions have shot his odds through the roof. As we saw during “Eastwatch” Littlfinger finally appears to be making his move this season, as we saw the nominal lord of the Vale attempting to sow chaos and confusion in House Stark’s ranks. Between attempting to sway some of the lords of the North to his side, to putting Sansa’s letter on Cersei’s behalf in Arya’s hands, Littlefinger is back to being Littlefinger. It was refreshing to see Baelish step off the bench, but its likely to get him killed. Finally.

Littlefinger might be a master of manipulation, virtually unparalleled in his ability to drive events in his favor, but Baelish has likely finally met his much. Sowing distrust and chaos among families like the Lannisters and Tyrells, families who inherently mistrusted each other is one thing, but House Stark is something else entirely. Whatever their differences, Arya and Sansa simply will not turn on one another, and Littlefinger has made a fatal mistake in assuming that he can turn the sisters against one another.

And even if Littlefinger were to somehow manage that feat, he clearly has no understanding of Bran’s powers. Bran might be in the process of sorting through all the data, but given the sheer amount of times Littlefinger has screwed someone over, it won’t take Bran long to find something in the Cloud. Littlefinger has finally overstepped, and it’s only a matter of time before no one removes his face. Even with the magic of the Faceless Men though, we don’t think Arya could recreate all one thousand of Littlefinger’s accents.