Game of Thrones Dead Pool: Who’s most likely to die on “Beyond the Wall”?

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3. Tormund Giantsbane – 65%

The first official member of Jon’s suicide squad that we’ve touched on would break our hearts if he does indeed perish north of the Wall. Not only would we lose his stunningly blunt commentary (You need to convince the queen who’s f***ing her brother or the one with dragons?), but we’d also never get to see Tormund win his lady love’s heart. Much as we’d mourn the loss of a potential spinoff focusing on Tormund and Brienne raising their dozens of children, the wildling leader might not make it back.

Don’t mistake Tormund’s ranking for incompetence, the wildling is a ferocious fighter. There are few in the Seven Kingdom’s we’d pick to best Tormund in single combat, but unfortunately, he won’t be facing single combat. Against the virtually limitless army of the dead, against opponents who have no care for their own safety, Tormund’s skills will only get him so far.

Also, consider that Tormund’s part in the story has likely run its course. The wildlings are firmly in the camp of Jon Snow, without the need for an intermediary. We don’t want to be right, but we’re afraid time might have run out on that “wildling fellow with the beard.”